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Custom Staircases


Custom Staircases


Work with our experts to create a custom staircase


Staircase Ideas


At McCalls Carpet One Floor & Home, one of our many specialties is creating custom staircases. Our experts will help you design and install your desired staircase, and we’ll make sure that it is stylish, long-lasting, and safe. The two most popular staircase options are carpet and wood.


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Carpet Staircases


Carpet staircases are popular largely because they are comfortable and safe. Carpet is soft and warm, so it’s certainly comfortable underfoot. This is important because, as you can imagine, there is a lot of foot traffic on staircases. At the same time, carpet staircases are safe because they are slip-resistant, and they also do well to muffle sounds.


We recommend that carpet stair treads (the tops of the stairs) are made from durable and stain resistant carpets. As we said before, there is a lot of traffic going up and down stairs, so it’s important that the carpet repels spills and stains.


Wood Staircases


Although wood is not as soft or comfortable as carpet, it still remains a popular staircase option. Wood stairs are popular mainly because of their natural beauty and luxury. These looks certainly cannot be replicated, even by carpet. Wood stair treads are not as soft or as slip-resistant as carpet treads, but they are easier to clean and maintain.


For extra slip-resistance and durability, you can add carpet runners to the wood treads. Carpet runners for stairs can also add a touch of style and design to your new wood stairs.


To plan your new custom staircase, be sure to visit our Nashville or Franklin stores today!




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