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Hardwood floors being refinished and stained

Hardwood Refinishing in Tennessee


Anyone who has seen hardwood floors knows the beauty, warmth, and character that only hardwood can offer. Hardwood can be sanded and refinished over time to remove normal wear, unlike other flooring options.


At McCalls Carpet One Floor & Home, our professional experts can help you keep your hardwood floors looking as good as new. Visit us in Nashville or Franklin, TN. 



Does My Hardwood Need Refinishing?

This simple test can tell you if hardwood refinishing is in short order. 


Place a drop of water on the floor’s surface and watch what happens. The finish is still strong if the water beads at the surface, and your floor is fine. However, if the drop soaks in after a few minutes, your floor should be refinished soon. If the drop soaks in immediately, the floor must be refinished ASAP! 



Best Benefits of  Hardwood Refinishing

Refinishing your hardwood not only brightens the looks of your floor, but makes them last longer.  There are many great reasons to invest in your current hardwood floor:



How Is Hardwood Refinished? 


There are several essential steps involved in hardwood refinishing:



Why Refinish With Us

First, we’ll send a professional to inspect your hardwood floors. If refinishing is necessary, we’ll sand the floor’s surface to ensure smoothness while removing dents and scratches. 


Once the floor is sanded and cleaned, we'll add a new finish to the surface. This finish seals the wood to protect against moisture and wear, brightening the floor’s appearance with extra shine.



We promise that your hardwood floor will look as good as new and remain protected for a long time!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hardwood Refinishing


Are you still curious about hardwood refinishing? Check out these frequently asked questions:


How often should hardwood floors be refinished?


Can all hardwood floors be refinished?


How long does the hardwood refinishing process take?


Will refinishing remove scratches and dents?


Is it necessary to leave your home during hardwood refinishing?


How do I choose the right finish for my hardwood floors?


Can I refinish hardwood floors myself, or should I hire a professional?


Where Can I Find the Best Hardwood Refinishing Services in Tennessee?

Stay calm if your hardwood floor needs to be refinished. Visit our Nashville local showroom and let us handle refinishing for you. At McCalls Carpet One Floor & Home, a professional team is on call to help you refinish your hardwood floors.


Contact us or stop by our showroom locations in Nashville, TN, or Franklin, TN. We proudly serve the communities of neighboring Spring Hill, Brentwood, and Nolensville, TN.

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