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Natural and Engineered Stone

Natural stone flooring is now readily available in the residential market, and McCalls Carpet One Floor & Home has you covered. As a product of nature, natural stone flooring offers unique looks. Since there are no two pieces of stone that exactly look alike, there are no two stone floors that exactly look alike as well.  

stone flooring

All natural stone floors can be finished and sealed for looks and durability. There are a few different finish options, including polished, honed, tumbled, and thermal, and all have different advantages. Polished, for example, adds shine and color, honed creates a smooth appearance, tumbled provides a rough and rustic texture, and thermal adds slip-resistance. Natural stone flooring can also be sealed to protect against everyday dirt and spills.

In addition to natural stone flooring, we also offer engineered stone flooring. Engineered stone flooring takes the looks of natural stone and adds increased durability and comfort. The surface is specially-made to resist stains, soil, and water, and it also remains easy to clean. Plus, engineered stone flooring is flexible, so it is much softer and more comfortable underfoot.  It also is warm to the touch!

Be sure to visit our Nashville or Franklin showrooms to see both natural and engineered stone flooring. Our flooring experts will help you make the right choice!