Cork Flooring

Soft, warm, and quiet wood flooring

Learn About Cork Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice in many homes; it is naturally elegant and often can brighten a room with its sleek appearance. Yet, hardwood is not the most durable floor option, and its hard surface is not comfortable underfoot.

If want a softer, more comfortable floor, you should consider cork flooring. Unlike hardwood and bamboo flooring, cork is soft and has a bit of a spring to it. This elasticity makes it easy on the feet and warm to the touch. Despite its soft feel, cork is both durable and strong and can tolerate regular foot traffic and sustain drops from most everyday household objects. 

cork flooring

Beyond its usability, cork is more eco friendly than most flooring options. Unlike oak or cherry floors, for example, cork is made from the bark of cork oak trees, so the cork removal process leaves the tree itself relatively unharmed and capable of producing additional cork in the future. This sustainable choice also has a unique appearance and texture, both of which contribute to its allergy-friendly qualities

Whereas carpet and other softer materials trap dust and other allergens, cork’s spongy cell structure keeps them out and thus ensures clean air quality and reduced allergen circulation in your home.

Cork may very well be the ideal material for your next home or office project. To learn more about cork flooring and its associated advantages, visit McCalls Carpet One Floor & Home in Nashville and Franklin.