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Features of Carpet

You might know what color you want, and you may even have a certain style in mind. But, do you really know what features you should look for in carpet? All of carpet's features are important, and they can collectively determine how your carpet looks and how long it lasts. Some of the most important carpet features are pile height, density, tuft twist, and tuft bind. 

Pile height is the length of the yarn tuft. Longer tufts give a more luxurious look, but they will show tracks and footprints. Shorter tufts are firmer and therefore more suitable for high traffic areas.     

Density refers to the amount of pile yarn and closeness of the yarn tufts. Yarn tufts that are closer together (higher density) are more wear resistant. So, carpets with a higher density are typically more durable.

The pile yarns also can have varying levels of twist. Pile yarns with more twists are stronger, so they can better handle crushing and matting. Stain resistant carpets typically have pile yarns with high twist levels.

Tuft bind refers to how tightly the pile yarns are attached to the carpet backing. If the yarns are tightly attached to the backing, then the carpet will be more resistant to snags and pulls.

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